General Auction Information

Online Bidding:

For buyers who cannot attend the auction in person on sale day, online bidding is available. Online bidding allows buyers to bid in real time as the auction takes place. Buyers can also place pre-bids before the auction starts, which allows the program to place bids for them during the auction.  If you are interested in online bidding in one of our upcoming auctions you will need to first register with our bidding program. Early registration is a must. Anyone attempting to register on auction day will not be approved.  Auction company has the right to decline any bidder or bidder registration at any time.

Bank Letter of Credit:

For many of our auctions, we will require bidders to provide us with a “Bank Letter of Guarantee." Please have your bank create this form and present it to one of our staff on auction day when registering.

Absentee Bids:

If you are unable to attend our auctions on sale day and are unable to bid online, we also accept absentee bids. Absentee bids allow the buyer to submit their maximum bids to the auction company and allow the auctioneer to place bids on their behalf. All absentee bids must be approved by the auction company. All absentee bid forms must be submitted with a bank letter of guarantee form. Forms can be submitted to the auction company by faxing to 715-539-9494 or e-mail them to

Upcoming Auctions

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