DRW Sawmill Inc

DRW Sawmill Inc.

DRW Sawmill Inc.
17131 Twin School Highway
Onaway, MI 49765

Thursday, May 25th 9AM ET


Located: From Onaway take M-68 east 3 miles Porter Road then north 2 miles to Twin School HWY.,
then left.


Auction is Conducted in Conjunction w/ Associated Auction & Liquidators : associatedauction.com



Real Estate:
6+ Acres w/ Sawmill Buildings; 3-ph electric power.
10% Buyers Premium.

HMC slant track debarker, 20’ capacity; 30hp on head; hyd power unit; steel control cab.
65”x 22’ 3 strand log infeed deck w/ hydraulic stop & load & electric drive.
Barn sweep bark conveyor w/ approximately 110’ chain; 23’ steel double sided chute (Clockwise).
30”x20’ hourglass log conveyor w/ electric drive.
24”x18’ hourglass log conveyor w/ log kicker.

Meadows #1 LH portable sawmill w/ Renco 2 block carriage air dogs & cant turner; off bearer belt;
125hp electric motor, hydraulic carriage drive.
18”x8’ air slab drop belt conveyor.
54”x54” steel sawyers cab.
Helle Mod D29XE40832 hydraulic log turner; sn: 153 SP.
8 - 52” Insert tooth saw blades.
5’x21.5’ 2 strand log infeed deck w/ hydraulic drive.
Log knees w/ stop & loader.
Band Re Saw w/ Complete Run Around
Practical Products horizontal band resaw; 15° angle cut; 10”x12” capacity; 40hp electric motor.
3-way splitter w/ hydraulic drive (Out of resaw).
6’x6’ transfer deck w/ hydraulic drive.
24”x19’ roll case w/ hydraulic drive.
12”x6.5’ speed up conveyor w/ hydraulic drive.
Brewco turn around: 10’x8’ w/ 42”x9’ air pop up w/ cant turners & 18”x11’ roll case w/ hydraulic drive.
3 stage hydraulic power unit w/ 20hp electric & oil reservoir.

Gang Saw
Pendu 4000 gang saw 10” wide capacity; 75hp on bottom; 50hp on top arbor w/ outfeed belt & outfeed

Double Husk Edger
Custom Built 2 saw dbl husk board edger; 16” capacity w/ 2-10hp motors w/ adjustable saws.
Pendu 3200 cant sizer w/ 40hp motor; sn: 8501.

Trim Saw
Custom Built 11’ 2 saw trim saw; w/ 2 adjustable blades; air hold downs; w/ 93”x18’ 4 strand pass
through transfer w/ lugs.

Board Stacker
Customer Built board stacker; up to 6’ wide stacks; 3 strand infeed deck; 2 strand stacking deck w/ stack
forks; 8’x8’ hydraulic scissor lift w/ outfeed rollers; electric/hydraulic power unit.
34”x 24’ 2 strand sticker transfer deck w/ hydraulic drive.

Chippers & Chip Screens
Morbark Mod 48 3 knife chipper; throw paddles; 100hp electric motor; sn: 775.
Morbark 48” chipper w/ 75hp motor.
Morbark 6-48 chipper w/ 60hp motor; sn:w267.
Morbark 358 chipper w/ 75hp motor; sn: 271 (Not installed).
Brush Bandit 32” chipper w/ 16” throat w/ 30hp electric motor (Not installed).
Roto Flow BS66 6’x6’ double deck shaker screen w/ cyclone; sn:21-63-8.
30”x25’ double deck shaker screen.

3- Pendu 24” blowers w/ 15 & 10hp motors.
Vibratory Conveyors
Morbark 17”x5’ w/ 5’ transition spout vibratory conveyor.
Morbark 22”x3’ vibratory conveyor w/ transition spout.
19”x15’ vibratory conveyor w/ electric drive.
Barn Sweep Conveyors
Patz 16” barn sweep conveyor; approximately 240’ chain, 30’ double sided steel chute; steel trough
throughout; w/ electric drive (Counterclockwise).
13.5” barnsweep conveyor; approximately 100’ of chain; 30’ double sided steel chute; steel trough;
electric drive (clockwise).
10” barn sweep conveyor; approximately 60’ chain w/ steel trough; electric drive.

Transfer Decks
66”x26’ strand transfer deck w/ H78B rooftop chain & electric drive.
66”x27’ transfer deck w/ C55D rooftop chain w/ electric drive.
67”x12’ 3 strand transfer deck w/ C55B rooftop chain; w/ 3 chain board singulator w/ hydraulic drive.
5’x21’ 2 strand cant transfer deck w/ 2 arm hydraulic crossover extender w/ electric drive.
7’x32’ 3 strand transfer deck w/ electric drive.
80”x12’ 2 strand cant deck w/ H-130 rooftop chain w/ electric drive.
5’x4’ 2 strand jump transfer deck w/ rollers.
5’x26.5’ 2 strand log deck w/ hydraulic stop (No drive).

Roll Cases & Belt Conveyors
32”x18’ roll case w/ bi-directional 3 & 2 chain jump transfer w/ hydraulic drive.
24”x15.5’ power roll case w/ 3 strand air jump transfer deck.
22”x21’ power roll case w/ hydraulic dump table w/ electric drive.
12”x10’ power roll case w/ hydraulic drive.
24”x34.5’ belt conveyor w/ electric drive.
12”x34’ belt conveyor w/ hydraulic drive.
12”x27’ belt conveyor w/ hydraulic drive.
12”x25’ belt conveyor w/ electric drive.
18”x24’ belt conveyor w/ electric drive.
18”x8.5’ belt conveyor w/ hydraulic drive.

Air Compressor
2015 Sullair 3000II Variable Speed drive screw air compressor; 125 PSI; 45.2 BHP; approximately 10k
hours; sn: 201506170023.
Sullair RN150 refrigerated compressed air dryer; sn:0616SA00611.
Parker refrigerated compressed air dryer.
Champion Mod HRA15-12 15hp air compressor w/ horizontal air tank; sn: D123485.
Gen Set
Marathon Magnaplus 275 KW generator; sn: WA-5344261-0503; w/ Detroit 1271 diesel engine mounted
in tandem axle van trailer.

Uninstalled Equipment
Double arbor 2 saw Scragg Mill.
Timber Harvester “Super Harvester” horizontal band resaw; 25hp electric motor.
Renco 2 block air dog carriage.
Renco steel saw husk w/ 2 15/16” mandrel w/ off bearer belt.
2-New Meadows carriage log bunks.
32”x42’ carriage track w/ cable spool.
Mellott 24”x11.5’ hydraulic slab drop belt.
20”x9’ slab drop belt.
Cooks 26” 2 saw edger w/ 15hp electric motor.
2-New end cable blocks for Meadows mill.
Grutter Mod 16011 RH chop saw; sn:17511-R.
30hp electric/hydraulic power unit w/ oil reservoir.
Patz 16”x33’ singe chain paddle conveyor w/ roof & electric drive.
15”x24’ single chain paddle conveyor w/ electric drive.
20”x16’ spiral roll case w/ rubber belt conveyor & electric drive.
12”x80” power roll case w/ hydraulic drive.
60”x11’ 2 strand transfer deck; C55B rooftop chain with electric drive.
80”x12’ 3 strand transfer deck w/ electric drive.
80”x9’ 3 strand transfer deck (No drive).
4’x8’ hydraulic scissor lift w/ self-contained hydraulic unit.
2’x4’ electric/hydraulic scissor lift on casters.
14”x32” blower fan w/ 20hp motor.
5’x5’ steel insulated control booth w/ new glass.

Parts & Accessories
15-New boxes of Simonds BF7 saw bits.
16-New boxes of Woodmizer .045x1.5” wide x 216” long band saw blades (8 to a box).
4-New Woodmizer .055x1.25” wide x 170” long band saw blades.
Many more new & used band saw blades.
10-New boxes of 81XRQ 10’ long roller chain.
2-New boxes of 60Rx50’ long roller chain.
Large quantity of assorted roller chains.
Large quantity of assorted New sprockets & sheaves.
Large quantity of assorted size various new bearings.
New wear plates for Morbark 48” chipper.
Large quantity of assorted drive belts.
Assorted chipper parts.
New Rolls of 12” & 18” conveyor belting.
Quantity of various hydraulic fittings; hose; motors; pumps.
O-Ring assortment.
New casters.
Sawdust piping.
Assorted electrical wiring & accessories.
Large assortment of New & Used truck parts & accessories.
37-Fram 2.5-gallon DEF fluid.

Komatsu D58E crawler dozer; 6-way blade; ROPS canopy; 6,481 hours; sn:81402
Compact Tractor & Attachments
New Holland TC33DA 4x4 tractor; HST; 2,070 hours; sn:G104315 w/ New Holland 14LA fully hydraulic
loader w/ bucket.
New Holland 63 CSH 5’ front mount snowblower.
New Holland 72” belly mount mower.
Ford 758 3pt backhoe attachment.
Set of QA pallet forks.
County Line 6’ 3pt grader blade.

Allis Chalmers 705 rough terrain forklift; 12’ lift; side shift; 16.9x24 tires; hours unknown; sn: 5-2635D.
Set of New 4’ forklift forks.
Set of H.D. Loader 4’ forks.

Truck Tractors & Dump Trucks
2012 Peterbilt 587 tandem axle tractor; 48” sleeper; Paccar 12.9 L 431hp; Eaton Fuller 10sp
transmission. 12K fronts, 40K rear axles; 295/75R 22.5 drive & steer tires; aluminum wheels; 452K miles;
2008 Peterbilt 386 tandem axle tractor; Unibilt 36” sleeper; Cat C-13 Eaton Ultra Shift automatic; 12,350
fronts; 40,000 rears, 295/75R 22.5 drive & steer tires; aluminum wheels, 675k miles;

2001 IHC 9900ix Eagle tandem axle tractor; 70” Pro Sleeper Condo; Cummins DHOC 400; Fuller 13sp
transmission; 275/80R 22.5 drive tires; 295/75R 22.5 steers; 12k front; 40k rear axles; aluminum wheels,
shows 692K miles; sn:2HSCKAPR71C004629.
1999 Western Star Mod 4964P tandem axle tractor; 42” sleeper; Cat 3406E; Fuller 18sp; 12,860 fronts;
46,120 rear axles; 11R24.5 drive & steer tires; aluminum wheels; wet kit; show 75,267 miles;
2012 IHC 4300 SBA single axle dump truck; diesel; auto trans, 12k front; 21k rear axles; w/ Henderson
10’, 5-7 yard dump box; 277k miles; sn: 1HTMMAAN5CJ551306.
1971 Dodge 500 single axle truck; 318 V8 gas; 4x2 transmission; 12’ steel stake flatbed w/ hoist; 57,542
miles; sn: D51FG1J304867 (Former MI DNR Truck).
2014 Chevrolet Express van; PARTS! SN:1GCSGAFX8E1104204.

1979 Trailmobile 22’ tandem axle end dump trailer; aluminum body; steel frame; sn: 107913136947002.
1998 Stoughton 53’-102” 4 axle open top chip van trailer; sn: 1DW1A5325WS136238.
1996 Fruehauf 48’ open top 3 spread axle chip van trailer; sn: 1H2V04828TE081606, (Storage).
1998 Wabash 53’ tamed, axle van trailer; sn: 1JJV532W2WL445607 (Storage).
1999 Wabash 53’ tandem axle van trailer; sn:532WXXL568265 (Storage).
1988 Stoughton 48’ Quad axle van trailer; sn: 1DW1A4823J5571304.
2021 Assembled 8’x16’ tandem axle machinery trailer; 4’ beavertail; ramps; ball hitch; single wheels; sn:
65”x16’ tandem axle machinery trailer; 3’ beavertail; ball hitch (NO TITLE).
1984 Jayco 14.5 travel trailer; refrigerator; stove; heat; toilet; sleeps 3; awning; sn: 1UJAJ02H7E1AZ0224.

Special Items
Hanchett size 38 type RA knife grinder; sn: 143.
Carbide saw grinder.
4-Assorted Jocky grinders.
40’ steel shipping container 8’ high.
6- Cemar pencil laser lights.
Bauer 35lb electric jack hammer.
1978 Pontiac Phoenix w/ original 1976 Centennial Michigan license plates; shows 77k miles; sn:
Delta Uni Saw table saw w/ Co Matic feeder.
Grizzley table saw.
Western Hydra Turn snowplow.
8’ quick attach saw dust loader bucket.
1000 gallon LP gas tank
2-Sets of 20.5x25 loader tire chains (1 New & 1 Used)
5-6’x8’ steel stacking carts on rubber casters.
3-45”x7’ steel stacking carts on steel casters.
4-42”x8’ factory carts.

Power Line 1ph to 3ph power converter.
7-Electrotek assorted pump jack capacitors.
Assorted Soft Starts; Panelboards; motor control center.

New Marathon 125hp; 1790 rpm motor.
2- New Marathon “Globetrotter” 50hp 1782 rpm motors.
New Marathon 30hp 1775 rpm motor.
75hp 3550 rpm motor.
Large selection of motors from 5hp-125hp electric motors.
Large selection of various size starters & disconnects.
Sealtite flex conduit.

Shop Equipment
AaLadin diesel fired high pressure hot water washer.
Hypertherm Power Max 30 Plazma cutter.
Hobart Iron Man 230 wire feed welder 30-250 amp.
Grizzley GO 561 horizontal metal cutting band saw.
DeWALT metal cut-off saw.
Ingersoll Rand SS4 upright 5hp; 1ph air compressor.
2-Torch sets w/ cart.
Various size steel shelving units.
Moran Iron Works 52” sheet metal brake.
2- Hydraulic Porta Power (1-New).
Central Machinery 20-ton shop press.
Central Machinery 10-ton pip bender w/ assorted dies.
Pipe threader set.
2- Milwaukee 2200lb capacity Built in power work bench toolboxes.
Toolboxes & tool carts.
Air hose & hose reel.
Large selection of various mechanic & hand tools.

Steel Stock & Scrap Iron
Quantity of assorted steel stock: angle; channel, flat; square table & round & square bar; plate screen.
Large Large Amount of Steel Scrap Iron.


Auction is Conducted in Conjunction w/ Associated Auction & Liquidators : associatedauction.com
Carl Theorin #135